Sven & Rolf

Sven&Rolf: twee energieke en creatieve DJ's met hart voor muziek!

Met hit-remixes voor onder andere Jayh, Dopebwoy, F1rstman, Lina Ice, Boef en samenwerkingen met Makkie en meer, ontkomt geen club meer aan de sound van Sven & Rolf! ​De mannen zijn niet meer weg te denken uit de Urban scene en worden dan ook gesupport door onder andere: - Freddy Moreira - Nafthaly Ramona - Team Rush Hour - The Boy Next Door - Ambassadors ​ en honderden anderen!

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  • 3 jaar ervaring
  • rider: Pioneer CDJ/DJM-set
  • incl. reiskosten zuidwest-Nederland
  • gage uitkoop vanaf €350,00 excl. BTW
  • showduur 180 minuten




Born in the Netherlands, Kris developed an interest for music at the age of 10. It was the ‘Fasttracker 2’ software for DOS that caught his attention and, eventually, took up all of his free time. Later on his interests expanded to the world of DJ’ing and at age 18 he got a job at a local club playing music two nights a week. It was during this period that Kris had started to experiment with different “DAW’s” and music styles. The ever-growing popular ‘Hardstyle’ being his absolute favorite. In 2003 Kris got together with a few friends and started to organize their own parties called ‘Mach-1’. At these events he played together with loads of famous artists like: Luna, Deepack, Pavo, Alpha Twins, Promo and Endymion. In total the team organized more than 40 different events all across the country. It wasn’t until 2006 that Kris’s love for Hardstyle had to make room for the evolving sounds of House and Electro. Still spending hours a week making music he decided to give these other styles a try and liked it, immediately. Nowadays Kris spends most his spare time mixing up different styles of music creating new and unique sounds

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